About the school

Joniskelis Ignas Karpis School of agriculture and services is the state vocational training institution. The school has been established in 1810 and it is located in rural area of the northern part of Lithuania close to Latvian border. With regard to productive soil, agriculture is highly developed in this region. Predominant agriculture production areas are crops and cattle breeding.

School’s main activity is vocational training. It provides vocational training services for individuals with special needs as well as for individuals with and without basic education, and for those with secondary education. Every year 350-400 students of 15-19 years old attend school. About 65 percent of students enrol to agricultural training programs: agricultural employee and farm machinery mechanic. The rest of the students enrol into vocational training service area: cashier, mechanic, florist, decorator, etc. The school masters 70 hectares section of state-owned land, which is used for carrying out agricultural practice. There are 73 employees in the school, of which 34 pedagogical staff, 39 administrative and educational farm workers. Most of the teachers have a wide range of accumulated pedagogical and professional experience.

The school has an accredited secondary national curriculum and established gymnasium, therefore four-year gymnasium curriculum is being provided together with vocational training. The majority of students study vocational subjects along with general education program. The institution implements active after-school activities, i.e. students can improve their skills in sports, artistic, and cultural clubs.

The school has a licence to carry out adult education under various continuous vocational training programs. About 400 adults annually improve their qualification in courses organized by school.

Since 2012, the school has implemented and maintains quality management system, which is currently updated according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. In 2017-02-01 certificate No. 17K.1190 has been issued.

Since 2002, the school implements international projects of EU Socrates, Life-long learning, and Erasmus+ programs. During 15 years, the school has been implementing international activities and projects, including the following: 4 preparatory project visits, 4 qualification improvement courses, 2 Comenius bilateral partnership projects, 1 Comenius multilateral partnership project, 1 Leonardo da Vinci partnership project, 3 Grundtvig partnership projects, 6 Leonardo da Vinci students mobility projects, 2 participations in international contact seminars. By implementing these projects, the school aims to improve competences and skills level of students and staff, to promote quality, excellence and internationality, to share a good practice, to enlarge education and teaching international dimension, to improve foreign language learning.

School achievements in international projects field were evaluated in 2016 when school received Erasmus + VET mobility charter for the quality of carried out international projects and long term internationality strategy.

The school cooperates with other institutions providing general and vocational training, with employers and their associations, foreign vocational schools, and companies. The main objectives of cooperation: occupational guidance and consulting, share of methodological work experience, dissemination of good experience for technical education, occupational mastery, and sports competitions, cultural events, organization of students internship, and others.


School contacts:

Phone: +370 451 38731; fax: +370 451 38780;

Email: joniskeliozupm@ikarpis.lt


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